Blender FPS, yes another question :)

A lot of people start Blender GE and immediately want to start making an fps.
I have knowledge in coding, mainly PHP but the basics apply. However, I am having issues with making a game in BGE. I am trying to make a simple Bullet script (ray) which basically detects if an object with a property the gives it the “enemy” status (or something similar), and I have been following SageDreads tutorials, but he tends to miss bits and cross mix videos, so he adds things into videos and then doesn’t mention it in-vid (but it’s great he does the vids). Anyway, can anyone help me with a python ray script which doesn’t use physical objects, (apparently that isn’t the best way). I need a script to implement into my game. Also, does anyone know how to make a gravity gun? Just a sidenote, not essential!
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

I solved the problem, found it in another persons game!
Everybody, remember to post .blends :slight_smile:
i can probably upload a simple fps template and you can reverse engineer it.