Blender Frames Per Second question.

Hello all Blender Artists! :wink:

I got a question about Blender game speed.
I got a new laptop yesterday. I liked it alot and it was big.
When I start blender on a basic scene, the FPS (Frames Per Second) is at only 20-30. Well, my question is: How could I get that up on 60- 80 FPS, if that is possible?

Here are the specs:
Acer Aspire 5930G. (Laptop)
320 GB HDD.
3 GB DDR2.
Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS TurboCache, with 512 MB. Up to 1535 MB.

If you need to get more spec, just say it.

Any help is good.

PS: If this thread is at a wrong place, correct me. :yes:

your graphics card needs an upgrade. If you want 60fps on a decent scene you will want a 8600M at least.

You see basically the 9—M GS means it’s in the 9-series of cards, but the second number the -3–M GS tells you how fast it’s going to be relative to other cards in the series -more or less. So a 9300M is made on newer archetecture relative to the lowend of cards that Nvidia is currently producing.

therefore your card probably has the benefits of running on less energy and running quieter and cooler than a 8800M but it’s going to be very much slower.

In other words that isn’t a gaming laptop because the card they sold to you is not intended for playing modern games. You can probably play Half-Life2 decently. But not Bioshock or FEAR.

So yeah if you upgrade to 8800M you’ll be seeing hundreds of frames per second where you are only see 20 right now, probably.

Also make sure your Antialiasing isn’t on. that could slow it down too

Thank you for your help

Have-you the latest driver for your card ?

Here is the solution to your problem. The easy way to improve any scene with a 2-3x frame rate is not to display the frame rate. The “Show framerate and profile” button hogs system resources by profiling every process. Turn this off and you’ll see a 2-3x increase. If you want to see your new framerate download FRAPS. You can download this for free and will display your framerate in any game. Just start it up, then minimize and it will automatically show your frame rate in the top let corner.

I hope you like this.

P.S. I really don’t hink many people know about this simplistic way to increase BLender’s Frame Rate.

Very good. Thanks for your help, I will try that.

Yep, no problem.

Edit: Just did another test.

56 fps = With profiler on
188 fps = profiler off using fraps
3.35x = total increase

Wow. Do you use a laptop?

No, I’m on a desktop with integrated graphics. The results were just the default scene with the cube. However when my new graphics card arrives, I’m expecting 4-5 hundred frames per second with the default scene. How high in FPS Did that take your scene?

31 FPS- On a basic scene with profiler.
40 FPS- With FRAPS on a basic scene.

9 better, that is good, to be a bad card.

Hmmm… I would have expected resulst a bit better than that, but maybe as it gets more graphics intensive and less CPU it is not as good. Anyhow I hope you like it!