Blender freaks out

Hi, I have a problem that I can’t get rid off.
When I undo something or just press the scroll wheel all the objects moves and changes scale, and I can’t get them back. Extremely annoying because I can’t build anything.

Any suggestions what can be wrong? I’ve used Shift + D, and often the copies are affected.

Undo (Ctrl+Z) as far as I know, only affects in going to previous steps, in every editable field or option, when you are modeling and press Ctrl+Z to go to a previous step.

By moving up/down the scroll only changes the zoom in the view, if you are modeling with presicion in edit buttons, over the mesh tools more, activate the draw options, this only works in edit mode with selected geometry.

If my answer wasn´t what you where looking for, add more details about your problem.