Blender Freelance Job Opportunity: SwivelPod Dashboard Proje

Hi everyone!

As a provider of online visual data and services, our company is looking for one or more talented Blender file freelance graphic artists to design a very polished and attractive dashboard/console for a new virtual vehicle we are calling “SwivelPod.”

If you are a Blender designer/creator of technology graphics with a bent towards sci-fi or exotic automobiles that you would love to see turned into real products on the net, then this project is for you!

SwivelPod is a proprietary application we have created that plays video data captured from a 360-degree camera system, and hosted on our geospatial database servers. With SwivelPod, users will virtually drive down any street or highway where we have filmed video. They will be able to swivel their view of the road just as you would in driving a car and looking from one side to the other. With our ability to present oblique MapServer views, the SwivelPod can even convert to a helicopter, rising over the rooftops.

We have an immediate need and have budgeted $500 via PayPal for each artist that we hire to produce a blender file for our dashboard(s). We are looking for complete designs within the week. To learn more about our project, base layout requirements, and see video samples, please visit this page on our site today at:

Have a question or comment? Please feel free to post them here and I will reply so that anyone interested in the project will see the information provided.

Note: Please copy your samples to both addresses listed below if responding this weekend so that I’ll be sure to see them while away from the office.

Thanks for your interest!

Paul Bell
Real Data Center
[email protected]
[email protected]