Blender freelancer artist for product renderings

Hello all

we are a media creating company based in South Germany and were working for lokal and international clients.
We´re looking for freelance blender artist to support our InHouse 3D Team for product renderings.

Mainly stills, eventually later on promo movies for web. We’ll provide geometry.
Besides technical skill we would love to work with someone who has a bit of artistic talent.
Please send some recent works and you rate per hour/day.

For more information feel free to contact me.



We’re architectural visualization studio. Maybe we could help you. See pm

Kanzel Misel
Marsel Team

Sent you a PM.

sending you a pm right now. i wourk both with rendering , animation , and webGL for product visualization . i’d really like to participate, i live in Bern , Switzerland, not far from you :slight_smile:

Hi, My name is Tiago Pereira Loreunço and I am from Brazil. I’ve being using blender since version 2.68a and I always focused in character sculpting/modeling, I’ll apreciate If you consider check some of my personal and professional works.
Some of my skills:

  • Anatomy knowledg for character sculpting;
  • Shaiding and texturing;
  • Great understending of topology and loop flow;

You can check some of my works at my portfolios:
Email for cantact: [email protected]

Thanks in advance.

Hello! My name is sma and I’m from Venezuela i will love to be a part of your team, I have 4 years of experience working with blender, my knowledge are modeling, texturing, composition and rendering, modeling of products and cartoon style too, please check out my portfolio here

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I am currently a student in the area of Film,3D and Programming. Currently i am bulding up a portfolio to work as a freelancer during the time i am studying.

From Germany and can of cause speak german.

Artsation link:

Hi my name is Carlos i am interested in this job…

email: [email protected] Thanks.

Hello , my name is Francesco , from the neighbor Switzerland! here some of my very last works for product presentation. I am a freelancer with many years of experience in modeling, rendering , product presentation , design and more. here you can see a sample of my works , in this link my very last work , special effects for this ads

I would like to know a bit more about your activity as is sounds really interesting and I would like to collaborate with you!
more links : , I took care of the web3D app design, creating the solution for web real time photorealistic render, delivered 100 + house models in 2018.
I hope to hear news from you soon , I am available at any time to answer to any question!

cheers, Francesco

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