Blender freelancer?

Position filled


I want to find a blender freelancer for certain types of jobs:

  1. fix / improve mesh rig
  2. improve the rig (add IK/FK, some bones clean up, more animation friendly)
  3. animation.

Price is negotiable.

Here is an example of where it is needed:

As you can see from the example, there is no need for a smooth per frame animation, rather properly set up poses in few keyframes.

Post here an example of your work (animation or rigging skills/knowledge of how to make a proper IK/FK rig) or PM

Check for freelancers. :slight_smile:

Looking for freelance work with Blender

The BlenderNetwork is still slim pickings. Good luck, Nickolay740.

Looking for freelance work with Blender

hey i can do it, this is my studio

email sent with a quote inquiry

I would like to help:
watch out my previous character animations with blender i know how to model.rig .texturize any type of char:
check out also some international project work ive done:

I specialize in naturalistic human motion, have plenty of rigging experience.

Showreel & gallery:

Vimeo page (recently updated):

References available.

Thank you for all the applications. The thread is closed.