Blender freezes and crash when packing island

I am trying to pack the UV islands of a model ive created each time i click pack islands my blender just closes out. Any solutions? I have blender 2.91 ive reinstalled twice still getting it

That doesn’t sound good. While it could be indicative of some problem with UVs, the program really shouldn’t crash like that. Could you share the offending file and your system specs so we could verify the crash, try to find an interim solution to avoid it, and, if necessary, relay the offender to the devs in case there’s a bug?

I just deleted 2.91 and installed 2.90 and its working fine now. I guess its just with 2.91?

There’s no way for us to know. If some issue was introduced in 2.91 that causes a crash with some specific geometry it may well stay there for future versions as well, unless a cause for it can be identified.

You can report a bug here

I had the same situation here. After setting scale of all UV’s every time I selected Pack Islands 2.91 crashed instantly. Finally tried same file in 2.90 and no crash. Went back to 2.91 and crash again.
Tried to upload offending blend file but got message New Users cannot upload. Great system here!