Blender freezes importing Collada from Google Warehouse.

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Its possible to download models from Google 3D Warehouse in Collada file format, but isnt possible to import such files in Blender…

For example this model… Blender just crashes if i try to import the DAE file in the archive.

Could someone confirm the problem please?

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Try exporting model from sketchup using this exporter(LWO):

Then import exported file with lwo import from file menu.
I think this way works better than collada. But textures’ names must not contain spaces to import correctly.

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OK man… thanks.
The problem is I want to import the collada files directly into Blender… im running Linux here and theres no Sketchup version for this system.

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I could import the file you linked. Tried in ubuntu 8.04(32 bit) and winxp(32 bit).
Imported in these steps:
-Downloaded file from 3d warehouse, opened than extracted
-Fired up blender, selected collada 1.4 from import submenu
-Selected .dae file from /models folder, only activated New Scenes button before import
Maybe you have a different problem.

Oh yeah man… i tried today and its working =/ =/ dunno what happened :confused:

The same thing was happening importing DXF… and the 3Ds import entry wasnt working also…

PS: I reinstalled blender via synaptic (debian-like linux distro) but dunno if this is what did the trick.

Now everything is fine… im waiting for the 2.46 version from getdeb cause the one from the debian testing repositories gives me an error.

Sorry my english

Thank you very much!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Collada 1.4 importer of 2.46 has worked for me, until now. 2.45 importer caused the mentioned freezes with some meshes.

I have some notion that, whatever format you use, Blender does not like too many objects (especially true for .obj importer). Join your meshes before import if possible.

how d you use the plug in for sketchup.

I wish collada import was possible, it nolonger is. Support has been dropped. Sucks. There’s no known way to build with collada anymore.