Blender "Freezes" when trying to export H2.64

I was testing if i could do a small mograph animation totally in blender without any intermediates. I first render my animation as a render sequence of tga images. Then I imported them to the compositor, tested a couple of post production setups and decide which suites me best. Now whenever i try to export a h.264 video file blender blender freezes at random frame each time. by the term “freeze”, i mean that just stop rendering any more frames. The console doesn’t display any errors it’s also “freezed”!
The only time i managed to output a video file in avi format is was only readable by VLC. Quicktime claimed that the file was corrupted.
Am i doing something terribly wrong or is some kind of bug!
Any help appreciated.

PS:I’m windoth!

The problem is that the problem occurs also with other formats not just QuickTime. (mp4s,avis etc)! And there’s a part that i don’t understand…you need always the middleman (external software)?! even for that ridiculous easy task!!! …you mean i can use blender as video/post production/edditing even for something that basic!!!:(…I hope that’s not the case

I had a similar problem some time ago, that turned out to be a render bug. What version are you using and are you able to reproduce the error/freeze when rendering a simple scene of the default cube? Trouble shoot from there, it could be that there is another element corrupting the process.
Finaly submit a bug in the tracker if it is reproducible and you can supply a stand alone .blend for them to test.

Solved! I’ll say almost. What i did. I disabled all compositor nodes and render successfully! Enable again and render successfully at 3 different formats! I don’t know what went wrong but i can now export a video, that’s only playable by VLC and no other player.

There are presets available in the render panel. Try them for basic set ups first. This should ensure better compatibility.