Blender freezes :-?


i’m using Blender for a litlle while (last months a bit less), but when i change the lamp (move it, or make it another kind) Blender freezes, and ik have to shut it down…

does anyone knows, why this is happening? my graphic card is: ASUS Radeon 9600SE 128 MB. seems good enough…

I have one of those [just not the asus one]

I don’t have that problem though

what os are you on?
using the lasest drivers?
tried 16 bit color [it’s worth a shot, though usually ati cards dont’ have that problem]

the problem you will probably also see if you select something with it’s name turned on [or draw names on armatures] or several draw extra types, or empties…

try the “esc” key, after you hit “P” it freezes