Blender Freezing Up When I Hit the P Key to Separate

Working on my first animation, and earlier I joined the eyeballs to the head. So I want to separate them now, but every time I press P to separate them, Blender freezes up.

Any idea why? Is there a fix for this? I have shut down and reopened Blender several times, but it keeps happening every time I try it again.

Make sure you are not pressing P while in object mode. This will put you into the game engine rather than the separate option.

Ha! That’s exactly what I was doing.

Do you know how I can separate them, though?

I pulled the eyeballs out of the head, and although I used P to separate them, in object mode moving the head still moves the disembodied eyeballs as well.

go into edit mode and then press p

Eyeballs moving with the head:
You’ve probably parented them to the head. In Object mode, select the eyeballs and use [ALT][P] to unparent them (use the keep transforms option).

Then there’s weight painting but my guess is you haven’t been using this.

Thanks, Lancer, that did it.