.blender from Blender 2.69 to 2.59

Hello :slight_smile:
I had too many problems with XNA and Blender 2.69 so I decided to download a previous version, which works great with XNA. The problem is, when I open my .blend, I see my mesh in wireframe mod, I tried to change the mod to solid or to textured, but nothing happen, it looks always in wiremod.
What shall I do ?

 Thanks for your futur answers and sorry for my bad english, see you :)

When you save the file from blender 2.69 enable the ‘Legacy Mesh Format’ in the save file browser window

Thank you a lot :smiley: it works perfectly.
Just two other question x) sorry…

  • When I click on “file/new” blender reopen the same file, I cant create a new scene Oo

  • The view does not turn like in Blender 2.69, I can’t explain easily, when I use the middle mouse button, from left to right for exemple, the 3D view turn arround all axis OO I’m not sure that you understand x)

            Thank you a lot, see you :)