Blender - Full Screen at every startup - osx - fullscreen

Hello everyone

I love my Blender 2.72 so much on my OSX 10.9.2 that i would use it everytime in fullscreen mode.
No discussion about that, i want it i want it !

The Window/Toogle Fullscreen in the menu is working fine.
And we can have this with python of course :


This is working fine too in the console window in Blender.

So i’m looking for a way to run this tiny script every time i’m starting Blender.

By reading this:

I’ve learned that if i’m making a “” file inside a “startup” folder inside my user like so :
“/Users/ME/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.72/script/startup/”
then every time blender is loaded, paffff = fullscreen !

i’ve tried to put both

import bpy



in my

But guess what ??
this is not working :confused:
Splash screen as usual but nothing

ohh, i’m a super newbie in python, did i mention it ? :o

Or maybe if you have another solution for fullscreen at startup everytime automatically

Thanks for answers !

oh, no one for this ?
my plan to rule the world can’t occure without this :slight_smile:

There’s an easier way to do this. Blender has a ‘-W’ command line parameter that makes it start fullscreen.
You can make a shortcut to the app including the -W

The scripts in startup are imported at startup, not run. If you still want to do this with Py, you should turn that script into an addon and maybe use application handlers ( but it’s not really worth the effort.

Have you tried the “Save Startup File” option from the “File” menu? At least under Windows it saves whether the window is maximized / fullscreen. And if you didn’t disable “Load UI” in the preferences it should get restored on startup.

As of blender 2.79 on Os X 10.12:

<path to your blender executable>/blender --python <path to the following script>/

script start
kabu fecit 2018/4/1

import bpy

script end

hope it helps.