Blender Fundamentals 2.8 videos, text version?

I am trying out Blender 2.8 after hearing there has been a major UI revamp to make it more accessible to new users. I ended up on the official tutorials page, which just has videos.

Trying to learn stuff from videos really makes my brain itch; is the script for these videos available anywhere? Alternatively, is there similar “hello new Blender 2.8 user, here’s all the basics in a more easily-digestible form than the reference manual” content that is text?


I don’t think there is a text version of those tutorials but you can check Blender manual:

In youtube;
In the same row as the thumbs up and down there is a three dots icon … click the three dots icon and choose open transcript (could be another word I dont use English version of YT).
Now you can see the transcript/manuscript in a window to the upper right

Thanks, that worked! Let’s see if I feel like having another stab at this thing this weekend.