Blender Fundraiser

I am looking to make a donation to the Blender Foundation and it occured to me that while it would be great to give a bit back for all the hours of enjoyment, frustration and learning that Blender has given me over the years. My donation by itself would hardly be noticed on the bank statement.

The idea then came to me. If the Blender community could come together and make a donation on the same day, together we could make a huge difference.

Pick a day for the fundraiser for instance September 25th
Give the fundraiser a name (open to suggestions) for promotional reasons
Post a tally of the funds raised

I think that the community has grown large enough to make a huge difference and of course we would all benefit in the long run.

I don’t know if this idea has been put up for discussion before but I could not just let the idea go without sharing it.


If this a no strings attached fund raiser, I will not donate for specific features or to individuals, and all the monies raised go the Blender Foundation where Ton decides how to make use of it Than count me in. It sounds like a good idea I think I can easily put down $30 or $40 the same amount for a DVD. I was planning on getting one but I could easily make a pure donation.

+1 from me

Maybe we should declare September 7 the official Blender Day (the date when it was announced that enough money had been collected to release blender’s source code) :wink:

Sounds like a good idea.