Blender future on Windows 7

Hello… First of all thanks for making blender :slight_smile: I’m blender user since 2.6x I loved blender original interface. When you created Blender 2.8 i was disappointed with interface changes (keyboard/BW icons etc.), but I move to 2.8 because of Blender Eevee.

Now I read the tragic news: blender 2.93 will not work on Win7. I won’t move to Win10. I tried it, and hated. No classic interface (no classic theme*), shitty online services, forcing updates, worse performance… After two weeks I returned to Win7. I know about 20 people which also don’t want to move to Win10 (some of them because of missing aero, two of them are still XP users)
*yes! I’m still using classic theme! It’s the best.

I guess what you will say: use Linux. I tried few Linux distros and few desktops.
First of all: i don’t’ like mess on HDD which all distros do. Why they just don’t install to C:\Linux instead of creating many and many main folders ?
I tried distros: Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse.
My opinions about desktop environments (all used for about two weeks). NVIDIA installed.
Gnome was non-classic awful, slow and unusable. heavy on CPU and RAM
KDE Plasma was little faster but also non-classic and little unstable light on RAM but little too heavy on CPU.
Cinnamon was nice but only little faster than Gnome.
XFCE/MATE - this desktops was best for me but also not as good as Win7
Also I don’t like this “modern” flat look of all distros. Why all linux distros looks like Win10?
I know I can install theme but it is not as easy as described.

For Blender I need maximum performance. So the only way is to use plain Window Manager.
but it is too much pain.

And also for gaming. WINE is also too much pain.
I returned to Win7.

The only pain was to install drivers and updates. Then I disable Win Update and I can use system without problems for about 5 years, while my mate Win10 gets broken after one moth. Then he also returned to Win10.

So why are you dropping support for Win7? Why are you helping Micrto$oft to kill this system, like they killed XP (XP was far better than 7)
And Win7 is still about 15% of desktop users, while Linux is about 1%. So, will You also drop Linux support?
P.S. I’m NOT Linux hater. I like idea of open source software, and Linux could be better than Win10 but… Win7 for now is much better.

P.S.2. My computer isn’t really old and slow. No problems with Eevee rendering.


Blender depends on python for many things, and they dropped windows 7 support, staying on an older python version was not an option since there were a few bugs that hit some of the addons that were only fixed in the latest python.

i thought i would hate windows 10 too, but after many-an-adventure in linux, i realized to just stop caring and not be picky. windows 10 was so much better.

gone are the days of “optimal” and people who really care to push a polished product. resistance is futile…

tbh though, i havent noticed any issues with my 10 install, after 2 years when i got my amd ryzen build. not even the updates are that bad, could be bc im on PRO edition. they sell keys dirt cheap on ebay (used to anyway).

I do sympathize, but the problem isn’t Blender, but Python.

Blender is built-around Python and so where Python goes Blender must follow.

The Python Gods made a rule that Python won’t support a version of Windows once Microsoft withdraw extended support for it.

It no doubt made sense at the time, but now Windows 7 still has something like 20% install base, where as Windows 8 which Python still supports only has 1%! It gets even sillier when you consider the name of the rule is “PEP11 – Removing support for little used platforms”.

These concerns were dismissed by the Python Gods back in 2018 but have resurfaced because now the changes have hit home.

I think everyone agrees Microsoft’s decision to discontinue Windows 7 is commercial, not technical. Windows 7 is faster and has better privacy than Windows 10, but Windows 10 better serves Microsoft’s goals of becoming an advertising, social media, and search engine hub.

Fine for Microsoft, but not the 20% left behind. Sillier too when you realize Python is just an interpreter. There is no good reason for it to so closely tie itself to particular os versions. Proving this someone did patch the latest Python installer to skip the “not Windows 7” check, and it works fine anyway.

I think the Python Gods should rethink their decision but if you look at how they dug their heels in over the infamous Python 2 vs 3 version wars, and ultimately won, I don’t see them backing down.

You can try and persuade them here:

Unless they do, Blender has no choice but to follow Python.


If you put the effort into Linux, you can tweak it down to the metal and change it to fit your work flow, it’s just different. Using Linux and all its flavours has made me much more fluid, improved my problem solving and increased my knowledge base exponentially.

If I hadn’t jumped ship, I never would have had the courage to build my own machines, install a wide variety of operating systems on wildly different hardware (my android devices belong to me now, no kneeling to the Man), I use and programme microcontrollers for things that I make and prototype with the help of my trusty 3D printer including mini-PCs, all-in-one cyberpunk PC cases for recycled laptops, game consoles, sound, security, aquarium and hydroponic equipment. I make a living combining art (sculpture was my first love, after books/comics) and tech, doing things that I love to do all the time (Blender is just one cog). I do most of my gaming via Steam, mostly old skool, and Proton has improved the number of available games exponentially. Since I am geek and still a punk at heart, Open Source also fits in with my beliefs.

If it wasn’t for Linux and Open Source, I would never had the courage to leave the misery that was my soul sucking, stressful career of happenstance and retired a broken man staring into space on my stoep. I will be able to carry on living and working until the day I die, without regret…


This is what makes more sense rather than Windows 10.

Don’t get me wrong, Windows 10 is exactly really good for some specific applications. Such as After Effects or Photoshop. There’s nothing you can do about it but use it.

A really good idea is to have an external SSD (which is 30 bucks for a 250GB) that you connect with USB3 and is super fast to do your job in a nice way without any troubles.

But after that you can unplug the SSD and just roll with the normal OS.

But in any case, either anybody wants to to use Linux or stick with Windows 7, an external SSD is a much better option, just to have more flexibility on choosing how to use programs and how to manage installation.

Quote from the Python forums for those unhappy with this decision:

(Also, a “little bit of complaining” here is totally worthwhile, as it helps us gauge community sentiment. Without it, we’re limited to trawling forums and Twitter - especially without conferences to actually meet and hear directly from people - and so our inputs are biased. Having polite, informed, discussion on the tracker is a great way for us to see and capture these positions.)

It is only silly if you are not reading what it says.

It is only silly if you are not reading what it says.

Facetious one liners don’t help debate. Why don’t you be specific?

Summary is Blenderers who aren’t happy with the decision to drop Windows 7 need to take it up with the Python Gods. That or accept it and migrate. Those are the choices.

This has been discussed at length before in the topic below, I’m locking this one.