Blender Gallery Updated

Hi All,

Please note that i have just updated the Blender Artists Forum Gallery, so there should be some nice new images in there,

By no means is this all the images, there is still a list of images that need to go in. The ones that have been added to the gallery are only those that had attached images on them, or ones with images less than 250Kb. The ones that are still to do, will need the images to be downloaded, resized, uploaded/attached and then moved to the gallery (Hence i will leave it to another day)

Thanks BigBad for making a suggestion of a large list of these, and thanks for Modron for suggesting one ages ago which i still need to do.

If anyone else has any ‘new’ threads (i.e. this week new, or next week new) in the finished works forum that get a 4 or 5 star, and think they want to nominate the thread (not your own please). Then please reply to this thread or PM me.