blender gallery

who is running the gallery right now?

I am curious because I noticed that
none of the work I did and submitted in
the past ever got it in. Specifically strange
when I am told they were lost and
I should resubmit the work - what I did.


I don’t know, but on blendernation Fweeb said he’d changed some things.

Back when Bart was running the gallery, I had alot of trouble sending in my stuff. He never received them. I think it was a problem with firefox, because when I was sending them with iexplorer there was no problem.

but it seems that it’s fixed now…well for me…

I was asked to re-submit because images were missing.

But after also resubmitting it via email, not the web forum it
did not make it.


Fweeb and ZanQdo I think are the two reviewers right now.

Have you posted the image you plan on submitting in the forums anywhere? (Just curious what image it is…).



many of those are my MFA work images. after the MFA i tried to submit
them. I submitted actually the compositions for my Portfolio.


A post from Zanqdo at the blendernation thread…

I don’t remember your work, can you send me your files to contact arroba There have being problems with the regular mail system in past months…