Blender Game Asset Creation Series on Steam

Forgive me if I missed this anywhere else in the forums, but I just noticed there is a release from Blender Foundation just yesterday on Steam for Game content creation.

About This Video

In 8 well structured sections with 51 short videos you will get a complete introduction and video reference guide to Blender and how to create game assets.
The training series will end with importing a hat game asset into Team Fortress 2.

In the first section all the basic knowledge will be built up to begin modeling in Blender. From there it’s full steam ahead on making a Team Fortress game asset, where additional topics are explored in many 10 minute chapters - so you can just come in and browse the section on ‘baking normals’ or ‘setting up for 3d painting’ or ‘exporting into Team Fortress 2’ or ‘an introduction to uv’s’. Or you can watch the whole series sequentially as a training session to master Blender in general.

Author Aidy Burrows lives in Manchester UK and has worked for large games companies on next-gen titles titles such as Lord of the Rings and Lego Marvel. He’s been trained with 3ds Max and Maya but now uses Blender for his work as well. Currently he’s working as part of the CGMasters team to produce free high quality training material.

NOTE: the associated Blender files will be in a ZIP archive in the Software catalog of the Steam client.

This video tutorial was produced by Blender Institute. By purchasing this product you will support Blender Foundation’s open source projects!Full Contents:

Section 1 - Understanding the Interface.
Chapter 01 - First encounters 5 mins
Chapter 02 - Navigation 6 mins
Chapter 03 - Layout Customizing 8 mins
Chapter 04 - User Preference Changes 6 mins
(Autodepth, Autoperspective, Addon - Layers, VBO’s.)

Section 2 - 3D View.
Chapter 01 - Menus, Modes and Display. 5 mins
Chapter 02 - Pivot Point and 3d Manipulator 8 mins
Chapter 03 - Layers and Snapping 7 mins

Section 3 - Modeling
Chapter 01 - Mesh Data, Object Data 7 mins
Chapter 02 - Object Tools 7 mins
Chapter 03 - Mesh Tools - Extrude 2 mins
Chapter 04 - Mesh Tools - Bevel 1 min
Chapter 05 - Mesh Tools - Subdivide 2 mins
Chapter 06 - Mesh Tools - Working With Loops. 5 mins
Chapter 07 - Mesh Tools - Vertex Connect 2 mins
Chapter 08 - Mesh Tools - Inset. 2 mins
Chapter 09 - Mesh Tools - Merging 2 mins
Chapter 10 - Mesh Tools - Knife Tool 2 mins

Section 4 - Modeling A Game Asset
Chapter 01 - Ref Images & Traffic Cone Blockout 10 mins
Chapter 02 - Traffic Cone Modeling 8 mins
Chapter 03 - Normal Editing - Smooth/Hard Edges 5 mins
Chapter 04 - High Res Traffic Cone 5 mins
Chapter 05 - Camera Modeling 15 mins
Chapter 06 - Modeling With Curves 7 mins
Chapter 07 - Camera Modeling Finish 2 mins
Chapter 08 - Removing NGons 4 mins
Chapter 09 - Hi Res Lens And Ribbed Cable 6 mins
Chapter 10 - Organizing And Naming Objects 3 mins

Section 5 - UV’s.
Chapter 01 - UV’s Overview 12 mins
Chapter 02 - Mirror Modifier 5 mins
Chapter 03 - UV Unwrapping The Base 7 mins
Chapter 04 - UV Unwrapping The Cable 10 mins
Chapter 05 - UV Unwrapping The Cone 9 mins
Chapter 06 - UV Final Layout 8 mins

Section 6 - Baking
Chapter 01 - Baking Setup And Creating Images 4 mins
Chapter 02 - Baking Ambient Occlusion 10 mins
Chapter 03 - Baking Normal Maps 9 mins
Chapter 04 - Creating The Base Color Materials 5 mins
Chapter 05 - Baking The Base Color 2 mins
Chapter 06 - Setting Up A Complete Material 3 mins
Chapter 07 - Cord Baking And Multiple UV Sets 9 mins
Chapter 08 - Baking The Camera Lens 7 mins

Section 7 - 3D Painting
Chapter 01 - 3D Painting Setup 6 mins
Chapter 02 - Painting A Vertical Gradient 6 mins
Chapter 03 - Multi Layered Painting 18 mins
Chapter 04 - Worn Edges With Cavity Masking 13 mins
Chapter 05 - Baking All Layers Down To 1. 7 mins

Section 8 - Importing And Exporting
Chapter 01 - Importing A TF2 Character 3 mins
Chapter 02 - Rigging And Placing The Asset 2 mins
Chapter 03 - LOD Creation 6 mins
Chapter 04 - Exporting As OBJ 1 min
Chapter 05 - Importing Into Team Fortress 2. 5 mins

accidental overpost


I have had to learn here and there, and from playing around.

can you include exporting a shader/material as a gsl script?

With all of the flak that the Blender Institute receives from being overly focused on the Open Movies, this is a rather nice surprise.

Having used Blender for at least 10 years now, I’m not really sure of just how many things I could learn from it, but this should be a good product for people in the beginner to intermediate range.

I was wondering about that. I was fiddling around on Steam yesterday and saw that series and thought it was weird that I hadn’t heard of it. Really good call of the Blender Institute to publish videos there (good author choice too). The Steam forums have a lot of people trying to figure out Blender, so hopefully it’ll do well in sales.

I’m not part of the institute. I was just browsing the Steam market and stumbled upon this and shared it since I hadn’t seen it posted yet.

I think it will be on the Blender Cloud too. It appears in the training section(along other training courses such as Humane Rigging, Blenderella, and so on) but now there’s just a presentation of the author (Aidy Burrows) and one blend in the asset section. No videos yet but i suppose it’s coming soon.

EDIT : I’ve just checked again and things are added right now. Someone is working on it. :slight_smile: