Blender Game - Bouncy Ball

I would like to show my game I made in Blender using BGE, Python and a little bit of Inkscape (for textures).

Game works on a Windows platform (which is able to run Blender).

Information about how to play the game is available in the games help section .

Gameplay video is available here:

Game itself is available here (new link, size 113MB):


If you want to play the game:

  • download the zip file (link is provided above)
  • extract the zip file (named:“”) on your computer disk
  • run the game by double clicking on “Bouncy_Ball.exe”
  • game runs in full screen mode. If you wish to get out from game at any time use “Q” on your keyboard

That is it. If you have any comments leave them below. Hope you enjoy it. GL, HF;)