Blender Game Chat: Beta test.

I still know when people asked how to set up a chat channel with people in 3D then walk to each other and having a chat. Well Nor.J tryed to makes this possible by creating a server and chat client to chat from a blender.exe file. This demostrates you can actually integrate a chat session in your game. The only problem that’s still bothering us, is the lag. :frowning:

I’ve got 2 version available for testing, a blender.exe file, and a python edition which needs Python 2.3.4 installed on your pc. The next problem that’s there is, it isn’t OS compatible it runs only on windows.

Anyways here are the builds:

  • a blender.exe file and can directly runned.
  • no see user in channel option (not yet)

  • a python chat client.
  • needs python 2.3.4

How to get it to work.
Blender.exe, just run the file and everything follows a logic way.
Python version: you need to type a username in the user.txt file and run the chatt.pyw file.

Btw the server is running already, you can instandly connect to it. Unless someone let it crash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Improvements are welcome, feel free to help. We just started but we can’t life without comments.

:smiley: I tested it that day when you gave me the link. It’s great that you can chat with blender. It’s a start to future possibilities.

:-? Yeah, unfortunately there was a really bad lag. Even typing in the chat box took awhile.

Hmm, one future that should be implemented is that when words are typed into the box and enter is pressed, the words should disappear. Currently it does not (or maybe it was just due to lag).

Well keep up the great work.

Jason Lin

Saluk’s multiplayer chat was better, you could run around 3d characters and not as bad lag… check it out


Doogs: well the problem that Saluks multiplayer demo has is that it crashes afther 1 minute. It just stops sending data to the server and crash. Anyways maybe we got a bad lag in the chat or else, but we didn’t lost contact with the server. Altought Nor.J almost found out how to reduce the lag in game afther some seconds, that means, almost no lag when you game and still have contact with the server. But I think this was oure last release, so the next one will be better and integrated in a game, until that time we don’t post anything unless it could shock the community here. :-?

The multiplayer chatt there was Very cool :stuck_out_tongue: , but it stops after a while :frowning: .

I couldn’t get it to work (well, there was nobody to chat with that I knew :wink: ).