Blender Game, Checkpoints.

Hi guys, Im new here and I am making a game and I would like to have checkpoints in it, If anyone can help, I would be VERY appreciative! Thanks -Ross

Wellcome! You could be a little bit more precise, what exactly you want to do. You Mean Checkpoints to change Levels?

In my game, I am a ball heres the download link :slight_smile: (This is an edited version its not a good version) So, In my game… I can die so I would like to know how to add checkpoints so that if I pass chekpoint one, and then die, I come alive at checkpoint 1 again. If I pass checkpoint 5 and die, I come alive at checkpoint 5 again! Thanks

put an object there, where you want to check, wich has a collision sensor.
if the player collide with this object, write the position of the player to a globalDict .
This can be reloaded at restart from checkpoint.
Watch for GlobalDict, save GlobalDict Actuator in the API :

I added a collision sensor linked to my player. Then an “And” then what Actuator do I put? Sorry!