Blender game engine 2.65 texturing issues

hi i was just having some issues texturing objects in 2.65 and 2.65a. I make a new material then add a uv texture (unwrap it etc.) change from Multitexture to GLSL and go into textured view and nothing has changed, only the diffuse color from the original material shows up but otherwise i can’t get anything else working.
Here’s an example:(you may have to unpack files) texture issue.blend (626 KB)

have you added a “Texture-Image ( with the texture image loaded)” slot to the Material?

I am also having this problem, it seems that once you switch from Multitexture and select GLSL your texture goes back to whatever Material you had set for the model.

Yes except nothing shows up in multitexture either. May consider going back to 2.64. Btw does anybody have a link to the submit a bug fill out form on i can find the bug tracker and how to submit a bug but i can’t actually find the fill out form… :confused:

yes, yes i have as i said you may need to unpack the file, but both multitexture and glsl textured view ports don’t show any image textures and only show the colour of the original material.

You can submit a BGE bug report if you create an account.

And I don’t see what the problem is - when I open the blend file, everything’s fine…? I can see the plane textured with grass. What do you see on your screen / what do you expect to see?

what your seeing, the textures. On my machine it doesn’t even show up and just has the colour of the diffuse color of the material and the lighting. I switched back to 2.64 and it works fine now (btw this was in both 2.65 and 2.65a). It might be the computer itself since its at least 7 years old, maybe a problem with the graphics chipset not being able to handle it or someting?

Hello again
I’ve downloaded your file and it works well, in a quite old computer with a gfx 9500!