Blender Game Engine - animating the same object twice

I am making an fps game with the blender game engine, and have ran into an animation difficulty. I want to have multiple animations for the gun such as reloading and the gun swaying while idle. I currently have one animation that animates the guns kickback when fired. There are 4 objects - The gun, an empty that is parent of the gun which also controls the kickback animation,The camera which is parent of the gun, and the playerbox which is parent of the camera. I tried adding another empty that parents the first empty and is child of the camera to use for the reloading animation, but it is already set to move in recoil animation.

I know this sounds confusing, but can anyone help me so I can have multiple animations for the gun?

While I am by no means an expert (or even a novice) when it comes to animation, my guess is to use multiple ‘Actions’. Make one for firing, reloading, etc. =)


  1. In one screen open the Action Editor.
  2. In between the dropdown Action Editor and the black Up Arrow, click the button and select ‘ADD NEW’.
  3. Repeat and animate for each action.

Good luck!


Ok I haven’t tried that yet, will later, but can you use the same action on multiple objects?
Because say if my gun object is broke up in to ten smaller objects, can they all use the same action instead of each animating and syncing them individually?