Blender Game Engine (BGE) Float while falling and moving

						Im trying to allow my game character to jump and move in a direction (at the same time).

This works, but the character falls slower while moving than it would in free fall. How do I get the movement to not affect the falling speed of my character?

My character is Dynamic and has actor enabled. Everything else is default settings (Mass, Radius, Damping, ect).

keyboard Sensor [WKey] - AND - Motion[Servo Control] - linV[0,-20,0]
keyboard Sensor [SpaceKey] - AND - Motion[Servo Control] - linV[0,0,40]

Does anyone else experience objects falling slower when you try to apply motion to it?

Yes, this is because of servo control - it tries to move objects at the velocity you specify. Since the velocity you specify is 0, they don’t fall at all.

To rectify this, I think the solution was to add another servo control with limits on the Z, and set the positive and negative amounts high? I don’t quite remember.

@SolarLune, Thanks for the reply!

After reading the Blender Wiki I better understand how the motion actuator works.

I continued using the Motion Actuator [Servo Control].

What solved my problem was to NOT use the linV at all. But instead, using Limit on the desired axis AND the Z Axis.

When using the Limit only on the Y-Axis to move my object forward and back, it would freeze in mid air while moving. Choosing to limit the Z-Axis allowed my object to fall along with the pull of gravity while it moves through the air.

I hope this helps anyone who encountered the same or a similar problem.