Blender Game Engine Crashes While Playing a Game

Every time I play BGE game Blender crashes after a while. Any ideas?:frowning:

Specs & Info:
-Comp: Dell Vostro A860 Laptop
-OS: Windows Vista 32-bit
-Blender: Blender 2.57b & 2.49b (happens to both)
-GFX: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family (latest drivers)
-CPU: Intel Celeron 560 @ 2.13 GHz
-Ram: 3.0 GB
-Hard Drive Space: C: 32.4GB, D: 1.77GB
-No other programs were running other than virus protection.
-Seems to happen sooner with more intensive games, but BGE still crashes after a while for any game.
-This also happens in the game’s built .EXE
-Running as Admin doesn’t help.

Probably the best error report ever seen here on Blenderartists!
I’ll have a look, another person has reported the same problem

it may be because of too much data being placed into some foler in your drive and your computer rejecting it past a certain amount…does anyone know where the data for the bge is stored?

also monitor your sytem with the task manager (ctl alt delete- and then choose task manager)

The usual advice is: update your GFX drivers

I’ve gave the GFX drivers another update (apparently I missed one :confused:), so I would say the problem was sort of solved as I’m barely experiencing any crashes. The Yo Frankie .exe game crashed after I died a couple of times, I also noticed a couple of vertices on a model go all over the place but I’m starting to think that my be the game’s fault. Thanks for the help!

No, if the vertices of a mesh stretch out, it’s most likely a problem with your graphics card. It might be overheating - is the fan on the card or motherboard working? I had a similar problem with textures being corrupted and vertices jumping around. My graphics card was damaged or overheating. EDIT: It actually never died, I just replaced it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fan works and I cleaned out the vents recently so I doubt it could be overheating. So far I’m only getting issues with Yo Frankie.

Just to let you know, Intel has historically had pretty shoddy OpenGL drivers. Could you try on another machine to see if you’re still having problems?

Like how shoddy? Is it like driver’s advertised OpenGL version 2.0 compatibility actually OpenGL version 1.0?

What version of OpenGL does Blender use?

Shoddy as in there is an is_crappy_intel() function in the Blender codebase to handle special work-arounds for Intel cards.

As for the OpenGL version, I think we generally target 1.5~2.0ish. We make use of OpenGL extensions to maximize compatibility with older hardware.

Okay I was checking because OpenGL Extension Viewer reported that my Intel supports up to version 2.0.