Blender Game Engine does not work for me.

So me and the Blender Game Engine do not get along very well… Every time that I press “P” Blender just says that there is an error and it has to shut down… it is getting very frustrating. Does any one have a solution?

By the way I am using Blender 2.46, Windows version if that helps any. Blendiac said something about their being a static version and not to download it, but I only see one type of Blender that can be downloaded.

I know this is the second time that I have posted this but… I really really want to start to learn the BGE.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Static version is only for Linux. But if you were using Linux, you shouldn’t download the static version. :wink:

While I can’t know every possible factor that is playing into the BGE crashing, I’ve been told that the biggest reason this happens is because of poor OpenGL support from your graphics driver. Basically, try upgrading your graphics driver with the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website. (If you need more info on how to do that, you can find it here:

If you have the latest driver and it’s still not working, let us know some more about your graphics card (mainly make and model number).

Hmm… that is nice to know. To bad my computer is too old to use it… sob. I guess I will have to wait until I buy myself a new computer… hopefully it will not be that long.

Try one of the older versions, like 2.37 or the “great” 2.25?!
Always excellent to learn and make games or interactive content!