Blender Game Engine + espeak / text to chat

Can I get help on scripting python / using espeak in BGE
I’ve tried a lot of lines of code, but just get errors or nothing.
blender doesn’t know what to do with espeak. it’s not being used.
I’ve instated espeak on my 64bit win7.

do I have to add espeak to blenders files or an add-on or can I just call it when I need it?
If someone has done this before and can share a script or .blend or recommend something to try I’m all ears.
Please and thank you in advance

I tried Googleing espeak and blender / or and python but only get things on Linux nothing for windows. I found some thing a week ago but can’t find it again. The titles names where something other.
Thanks that looks cool for speaking to the computer or game but can i make the computer read text for a I phone like chat bot, that’s what I want to make with a tree of possible text with text input to trigger
Thanks for the reply Youle

I found your post at the bottom for the 64bit. Thanks
is there any documentation or videos for the way you went with it;
Using windows instead of espeak?
not that I’ve given up on espeak on windows but your way seems much less of a headache