Blender Game Engine Feature Request - Profiling

Hey all, i just thought i’d mention this while my mind is still clear!
In the BGE, the one thing that i find i would like is a graphic profiler.
In the same sense as Unity, i would like to be able to see spikes that i may miss in the number panel. I think having a graphing function would do the following:

  • Enable quick and easy identification of bottlenecks
  • Understand the time scale during which a bottleneck occurs
  • Enable a broader comparsion between different areas of the GE which are inter-related (e.g Logic lag due to Network lag)

In order to expand functionality, i’d also like to propose a few additions:

  • Profiling data (graph) is available post execution, for improved debugging
  • Increased detail in the profiling output *

Now, as of the moment, I am far too limited to attempt to implement this into the Game Engine source.
So, i’m interested to know if anyone shares my opinion?

*This would potentially show the calls from Python that would slow down logic execution - to better discover bottlenecks within the code. I’m not sure how you’d extract this from the interpreter though.

I am much in favor of more profiling and debug possibilities, but it doesn’t have to run realtime.

Indeed, sometimes you just test your game and BAM ! unexpected lag happens. So, careful analysis of debug messages timeline and profiling data is required AFTER execution finished.

Indeed you have andrew. This question relates further toward updating the integrated graphing. You’d be closer to being able to show the indivudal process lagging the system, plus it’s more user friendly.