blender game engine for archiviz


i am to do some archiviz work with blender

rendering and animating is awesome with the cycles engine :slight_smile:

but i want also to do some realtime interactive visualitation ,
i would love to stay in blender for this with the game engine,

other choices are UDK or torque game engine ,

the cryengine is awesome but the licence is ā€¦ , and forcing the client to login over internet to use their engine is something insane !

now the true question :
is the bge a viable option compared to udk or similar products ?

thanlks and good day

Read my thread, Iā€™m looking into kind of the same use of the BGE. It seems possible, but I still have to do some research myself.
The answer of Aryok is probably something you can use to.

Good luck!