Blender Game Engine FPS (Nuclear Infect 2) Multiplayer and Singelplayer

My Blender FPS Game Nuclear Infect is finally finished ( … e = I am going to Create to a second part. My strengths are:

  • Modeling (+ + +)
  • Texturing (+ +)
  • Animation / Rigging (+ +)
  • Logic Game (+ + +)

I have experience with the following programs:

  • Blender 3D
  • GIMP

Nuclear Infect 2 is much more complex (and of course a proper story!). There will be 9 weapons. (all ready modeled, textured finish 3). there will be many functions and different opponents. (zombie style). I would love it if a few people to join the project (send me a PM).
Here are pictures and videos of the current state, so you know what it is about:

Singelplayer Video:

Multiplayer Video:


Congrats on getting the multiplayer working, nice job.

Well on your low poly zombie it could definitely use some proper edge loops on the face. Right now it looks like you took a simple basemesh made some minor changes and textured it. The gun could also use some beveling because right now it looks almost like a cookie cutter object. Like you extruded a cube on top of a picture and didn’t make sure it was properly err- what’s a good word for it uh- 3d? Also kudos on multiplayer.

i dont think the Head is to low poly, all for a good perfomace ;). and it have a normal map :D. Wath at the weapon is wrong ?!.

The head is not good for deformations and can look odd at certain angles. It needs correct facial topology. Right now the face looks as if it was painted on a faceless mannequin. Or slenderman. Besides if you were actually trying to be super low poly- why would he have individual fingers when he could have and index finger and the rest be like a conjoined mitten? Even on a psp they don’t go as low poly as you have- and the psp can only take 128x128 texture maps. Here’s a pic on facial topology. You don’t have to have as many quads- but good topology is essential.

In a blender game it is good to have very low poly models, especially if you want lots of enemies on the screen all at once. Also I don’t think he needs a lot of deformations in the face area, unless he plans on making the zombies talk.

please ignore him, i agree that the zombie could have some improvements, but the weapon is perfect, well textured, but still low poly, i would like to see a wire of the weapon ;D

a wire ^^

Yes, quite nice for such low poly count!
Keep blending!

To - I don’t know whether you understand the gravity of what you typed anonymously but I must remind you that is an incredibly rude to tell anyone to ignore anyone. There is another person on the other side of that screen. Now that you know better I expect you to do better.

To LarsHolsten - I’d like to know what your budget is for your characters and weapons and such. Forgive me if I seem to be expecting too much- I generally look for things to be as polished and professional as possible but if that’s not the case or your aim then forget anything that I’ve said thus far. However if so I’d just like to say that I actually think that models you’re using are of lower resolution than the the models in half-life. And that came out in 1998. There are a number of ways to optimize your game and from what I’ve seen it looks like you’ve taken a few. As long as you reduce your draw calls- by using measures such as using an atlas and deleting unseen vertices and verts that do not add to form, minimizing materials and things like that you could afford to touch up your models - if not the gun at least the things you get to kill.

i have HD Textures on the weapons ^^. i Can give the weapons a litle bit more polys but not the zombies !, the zombies are animated polys, so the not good for the perfomance (now it runs with 20 zombies with 60FPS and 20% on animated ! so they perfect for Blender ^^). m1014

Looks nice

nice simple game models, down to earth look reminding me of gta somehow zombie apoc. love the texture work makes the models bounce…

HD textures? 1920x1080? Thats a bit much for a gun texture. Do you mean 1024x1024? Also blender itself has little to do with the performance. That’s generally determined by your pc. The difference between blender and another engine say the unreal engine is the performance measures unreal has right out of the box. In blender you have to put them there yourself so if you’re not mindful of them performance drops like an Ayn Randian society in the ocean. Since you have around 20 of them on screen at once… low resolution models may help but that isn’t the only option for optimization.

Why do you have so few polys on the weapons. I usu lay make mine much higher (around a 1000) and they seem to run fine in the BGE. Is there a particular reason for the low poly count?

for the poly count is one reason, the weapons in my first game had to many polys xD. i mean 1024x1024 not 1920x1080 :o.

new texture on the m60 ^^

awesome 60 dude this is going to get better and better… :ba: also good reason to do lowpoly is that it’s really fast to create and edit and you can get more done, and your handling your polycount and textures pretty well in my opinion.

Thx ^^.


Only 441 Faces ! xD

(serching for team members ! send me a PN :wink: )

I have didnt posted anything more because I actually just do not have/had time. But i have a small update, a new soldier for the multiplayer. I hope you like it ! :smiley: