Blender game engine good education


I have been very interested in blender game engine these days and I know the basics of it. Please (specially talking to intermetiate and expert programmers) where can I get a good education of blender game engine?

Thank you

that’s some good stuff^

I don’t realy like it It doesn’t provide enough things about programing.

For Python tutorials, I have a nice series going on my blog homepage at Game Up!. Check it out - I’m creating a game from beginning to end using nothing but Python.

I am begginer and do not use python. Like for example, where can I find a complete tutorial about car game?

download demos and games as much as you can, and study them!
Most of us here, have learned that way!

The Blender GameKit books are the most complete step-by-step education resources currently available that I know of. The 1st Edition is out of date. 2nd Edition applies to Blender 2.49b. You can buy a paperback of the 2nd Edition on Amazon for a good price:

Buy a downloadable copy from the Blender Foundation for only 12 Euros here:

Also, both editions are available for free download under Creative Commons licenses from
With erratum here:

Other than that, I am highly anticipating the new book Mastering Blender Game Engine by Mike Pan and Dalai Felinto. According to Amazon, it is scheduled to release on July 28, 2011. Mike and Dalai are both experts at the BGE (Dalai is a contributing programmer to the BGE), so I can only imagine that this will be an excellent book. Here’s the Amazon listing for that:

BTW: I should mention that I learned how to make games in Blender by reading the reference section in the back of GameKit 1. At that time, GameKit 1 had not been released under creative commons, but the reference section was available for download. I would recommend that you keep the reference section in GameKit 2 handy during your early work, and that you bookmark

I don’t realy like it It doesn’t provide enough things about programing.


I am begginer and do not use python.


I advise just looking for actual learning materials in python. It’s an easy language to learn, but you still need a basic understanding of the programming environment. Without it, the scripts you use would be limited to what you find in tutorials and you wouldn’t learn how to do your own.