Blender game engine issue/ Start up glitch

Video on what happens…

How do you fix this? I have 6GB Ram (memory)

and a Nvidia Geforce GT540M Cuda 1GB gfx card

intel Core i5 proceser and windows 7

Thanks in advance

Are you running any programs in addition to Blender? Do any other 3D programs fail for you?

yea I tryed the demo of C4d and it came up with a error. the animation part of blender normaly works for me

File > User Preferences
On ‘System’ tab, change the Window Draw Method to anything else. Please share if it works or which one that works.

i would If i knew how I’m a compleate blender newb

What do you mean? mziskandar mentioned how to do what he said - hit the File menu at the top left corner, then select User Preferences. In the window that appears, click on the System tab, and then change the Window Draw Method selection to any other option.

didn’t work

What did the C4D demo error say? Also, what kind of computer are you running it on (a laptop, or a desktop)? Finally, you removed your video, so we can’t see what the problem is anymore.

Have you tried restarting your laptop and/or updating the video card drivers?

yes, I have