Blender Game engine make object look to mouse (only use z axis rotation) (no py plz)

Hi, I want to make a top down shooter, but i cant seem to get my character object to look at my mouse!! (i just want it to rotate on the z axis to look at my mouse [so the player can aim with the mouse] )

Please no python (if at all possible)

If you need to put code in, ok :slight_smile:



You could watch this tutorial. I know you said no python but it really isn’t that hard and I don’t think you could do it without it. The paart you probably want is at around 12 to 13 min but I suggest watching it all. It is pretty useful. :slight_smile:


always--------and--------edit object/track to 2d mode (target)

has to track to hitposition or an object at hitposition. how do you put an object at hitposition without python??

heres my take. Very short script

lookat.blend (389 KB)