Blender Game engine not working?

When I push P this happens

I have no idea why :confused:

We are going to need some more information before we can figure this out.

For starters:
What operating system?
What build of Blender?
What video card?
Are you video card drivers up to date?
Have you successfully used the BGE in the past on this system?

windows 7 64bit
blender version 2.62
nvidia geforce gt540m cuda 1gb
yes my drivers are up to date
i dont know the BGE is so probably not

BGE is a common abbreviation for Blender Game Engine.

Your system should definitely be compatible. I am going to guess this is a laptop looking at the video card (not sure if this is relevant yet).

My first suggestion at this point is to simply restart your computer (if you haven’t already), especially if it is a laptop that is switching performance profiles frequently.

done, its still having issues and no i’ve never used the game engine because it dosent work

And the rest of Blender works correctly?
Is there any output in the console? (If you don’t see a console click on help->Toggle System Console)

I’ve had a similar thing on Win7 32bit (not sure about the graphics card or processor, as it is a school PC)
For me though simple scenes without textures work, as well as exported run-times. Maybe try the external player?

yea, the rest of blender works just fine and that didnt work ither

uhhh, whats the external player? -compleate blender noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Switch to game engine mode, go to the player settings and click the button labelled “Start” under the external player tab.

I cant it goes to the blank screen when i got to game engine mode