Blender game engine question:)

Hi all,

Im current a max user,but ancient one(3dsmax 9) but also coming from Nuclearbasic and Blitz3D community. Ive made some simple game myself but poorly coded such as tictactoe and sokoban(So new to programming)
Now im interested in Blender as a modeller and also Blender Game Engine. Actually i only interested to see game art, not really into create full package of games.

My question is, do i need to learn python first before touching blender game engine?

What is the limitation w/o python? Can BGE w/o python use animated character?

What type of shadow system do BGE use?

Can i use normalmap and other map such as specular and displacement map “directly” from its modeller to game engine?
What i mean directly is, u setup and texture your mesh and then set light position and i will appear that way in BGE? Or does it require me to touch the shader files.


no need to learn python or shaders to texture,

just switch to game engine, and in the render settings turn on gsl mode
then make sure your viewport is in textured mode,

then in the materials tab make a new material, then in textures do + and then selct image, then look up your texture, and apply it to the model.

only uv mapped textures show in gsl, not generated, however you can unwrap and then bake over generated details

Dont understand this part, u mean i cannot create a “spawn point” let say for enemies and dynamically spawn them? if what i capture is correct, can this later be solve using python?

@BluePrintRandom, thanks for the info.Can mesh with auto uv use normap? let say planar mapping or box mapping as in 3dsmax? Im asking because after a month exploring and try to get shader look right in “some engine”, later i realized that it require me to learn how to program the shader so it can cast shadow and react to light. Sigh

Dynamically adding objects is no problem (see EditObjectActuator in AddObject mode). But if you want to refer to them (e.g. track to latest added object) you will need Python to establish that connection.

The same belongs to sensors e.g. near sensor. It will tell you that at least one object is near (so you can make it explode). While the sensor provides all detected objects, you can process them with Python only.

Ok:) thats is a very good information:) cant wait to start learning:)

I look like blender is not bad at all;) before this i only read review and heard negative things:)