Blender Game Engine shadow bug

Hello! I found a bug of shadows in my Worn Tires game and I wanted to report it here. You can see it in video:

You can see it in video:
Exactly where or do we have to examine the each frame of the video !
So where is all the info about your scene (models, lighting etc)

I assume you’re talking about the shadow clipping right at the end of the video (the rule of thumb with any video on youtube: skip the first third of the video, most people don’t know how to cut out all the useless stuff in their videos).

if that’s the case, it’s not a bug- your sun lamp is too close to the car (or the near clipping plane on the shadow settings of the sun is set to too far forwards), so the corner of the building is behind it and thus doesn’t cast a shadow. Move the sun backwards and your problem should go away.

Thank you so much, this really solved the problem!:slight_smile: