Blender Game Engine Slow Motion?

hi, i am wondering if there is anyway to do a slow motion effect in the game engine. the effect i have in mind is were everything else stops and the character moves very slowly. is that possible and if so how would i do it?

You can do ticRate = GameLogic.getLogicTicRate() and after that multiply it by 3 and GameLogic.setLogicTicRate(___).This way, it’s going to work on every computer in the same way. As far as i know the ticrate can be different on every machine. Ypu can also set all of the other objects to static i guess…
It’s not going to work for animations though :frowning: but it works with the vehicle wrapper setup, i’ve tested it.

Whatever you just said, I didn’t get any of it. Are you talking about python coding? and are you using this as an actuator or a link?

To do slowmotion in games, it’ll take a bit of coding (don’t screw around with tic rates, that can cause instability and anyway, if you slow the tic rate it’ll basically just lower the framerate, you want the slow motion to be smooth)

Basically, lets say you have a global variable that tells the game what speed to run. 1 is normal speed, 0 is not at all. Anything in between is varying degrees of slowness. A separate variable that would be useful to keep around would record the change in speed from frame to frame- if the speed doubled last frame, this variable will equal 2. No change will be 1.
On every object that is to be affected by slow motion when the speed changes, multiply the velocity be the change in speed.
For all force applied, first multiply by the speed variable first. This means everything from character movement to gravity on all objects.

All animations should be controlled by variables and a self-written frame handler- multiply the playing speed by the speed variable.

Basically, anything that is to be affected by slow motion needs to be manually controlled through python, and any element that happens over time must be multiplied by the speed variable to slow down/ speed up.

Well, i know that tic rate was the easy dirty way. It’s just that the right way asks for lots and lots of work.

CO is right