Blender Game engine support

I notice how Blender v2.82 can create very beautiful assets, can the assets i create using Blender2.82, can be exported to Unreal engine4.24, also if so can i sell what i create on Blender2.82 be sold on the UE4 market place, where people who create asset sell on the UE4 marketplace? :smiley:

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Sure, why not?
Ans to your q1: yes, you can export your models to unity, because u can export your blender models as obj, fbx, etc, which are some universal formats which are accepted in nearly every game engine, so yeah, u can import your assest made in any blendet verison into unreal.

Ans to q2: I dont know much about the unreals market place, but I know one thing that the model which u make in blender is entirely yours, sonyou cam do anything like u can sell it, share it, etc and do what you want, so according to me you can sell your assests on unreal and market place.

Yes you can . Any creation you make as an artist with Blender is your sole property, and can be applied for any purpose you choose to. This also applies the Add-ons and Python scripts you write for Blender.

As quoted from here:

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don’t forget this part:

What about pyhton scripts?
If you share or publish Python scripts they have to be made available compliant to the GNU GPL as well, if they use Blender Python API calls.

but 3d models are indeed completely yours, you can do with it whatever you like.


Upbge is starting to pass feature parity with old bge,

Why even leave blender to make games?


It’s pretty close :slight_smile:
In an interior setup the differences aren’t much… Unreal looks better on the Occlusions and light overhaul… but I imagine that the real differences come in an open scenery rendering, mainly due the big amount of post processing effects Unreal has and also the LODs.

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Ease of collaboration, would be my top guess.

Wasn’t aware of that part at all, hmmm, is that also the case in UPBGE?

Yes, because upbge = blender, just an upgraded fork, same rules apply.