Blender Game Engine-Video

Is it possible to record the viewing area of the Game View into a video file? Let me explain: I need to simulate an ocean, but I do not want to spend too much time waiting for the massive amount of water to render (I need a lot of shots), so I have constructed a scene (using a Blenderart magazine tutorial) that uses the Game Engine to simulate an enormous body of water. In the game viewing window (when I press “p”), the ocean renders magnificently and at full fps, however, is there a way to record what I see after pressing P to a video file? I have not found any tips so far, so I thought the community could help me out!


You can use a python script to capture screenshots, and then assemble them afterward into a video file; but it would probably be easier to use an external video capture program. I don’t know of any way to capture video from the GE directly in Blender.

Something like FBO from OpenGL ?

This is probably the best way. It’s also generally a good way to capture ingame footage at full fps, even if it isn’t full fps, because it captures a frame every draw. Just not good if your game has sound :frowning:

Though screen capturing would be easier :wink:

I don’t have a link, but I seem to remember that mpan3 had written a script to do this in the past.

Please remember if you attempt this that the Blender Game Engine renders at 60 fps by default, but most animations are 25 fps, so slow down the game engine to 25 fps for your recording.

…or render one frame each 60/25 or 60/20 frame