blender game engine wiki??

the users of blender game engine are groiwing each day.but in the blender wiki we don’t found many tutorials for the GE…besides there a very big list of tutorials in other blender functions.
i think that we need to collect all the blender GE tutorials in wiki and to post our new tutorials on it…

Sounds like a great idea to me.

:DI’m sorry about that. Heh, Edem pitched the idea to spider_worm about having a Blender GE wiki. I also got permission to edit the tutorials, etc. But finals got in the way so I haven’t had much time to make any changes (lol, besides directly linking tutorials from my site and Andy’s). Well most of those things fall into the FAQ.

Well if you’ve got some tutorials to share and make, get permission from spider_worm and edit the wiki away as well. The resource there should grow a little bit and become more internalized in the coming month.

Jason Lin