Blender Game Engine...

Hello…im newbie here…
i didn’t understand about blender game engine, is this thing really exist?
that it is mean that i can make game using blender? so how?
if u have tutorial about making game using blender tell me or give the link…
please…help me…:cool:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Argh. Let’s hope that the older users here (who have probably answered questions like this many times) won’t be too trite.

I’ll answer your questions in order:

  1. Yes, the Blender Game engine really exists. That’s what this part of the forum is for (and not merely discussing the possibility of it existing).
  2. Yes, it means that someone, even you sir, can make a game using Blender. However, you will probably be learning for a signifigant amount of time before you are able to make anything that is remotely playable. I know that I’ve been steadily learning for a month or two now, and I have very little to actually show for it. I’m not trying to put you off, or discredit your ability, it’s just what I’ve found.
    Yes, we have some tutorials for using the game engine. However, these tutorials are usually few and far between. I’ll point you towards one to get you started:
    I only started learning how to use the game engine recently, and this was the only tutorial I found that was able to actually get me started - there are several others, but they don’t have as many pictures, and often use language that you might not understand if you’re new to Blender.
    However, for the most part you’re going to have to do a lot of reading the documentation itself (even though it’s often out of date and very incomplete, cough cough) and be willing to experiment.
    Once you’re finished with that tutorial, you’re probably going to want to move onto something else - while it can teach you some very useful basics, you won’t be able to make a game with that knowledge yet. So, here’s some more tutorials:
    This is the documentation of the GameLogic module for the Python programming (the Blender game engine can use Python, which is a programming language, for more complicated game mechanics).
    Even though I reached this page through the official Blender site, it is out of date - there are now FOUR modules that can be imported in Python. If you’re interested, you should search for “PhysicsConstraints”.
    This is supposed to be a tutorial for using Python in the game engine. However, I had considerable trouble starting with it (no pictures, so I can’t tell if what I’m doing is wrong or not. Also, just read the start of the third paragraph. “Select the default plane.” I didn’t have a plane, I had a freaking box. And that made me very confused.)
    I haven’t read through this one yet, but it’s supposed to be an excerpt from an actual manual for Blender that is going to be released (I think).

Something that you should definitely look through is the example files provided here:
(Just scroll down a page until it gives you a link.)
(They are zipped. You download ONE file.)

Also, make sure that you have a recent (2.43) version of blender. I was very confused when the features that were being referred to were just not present in my blender console.

There’s a second set of example files here:
(Look under “Demo Downloads” in the first post.)
(Again, they are zipped.)

And that’s all I can show you with links. Something that you should know about these forums is that the same questions come up again, and again, and again. The older users (like Social, he’s the one with the cowboy avatar) will be happier if you use the search function provided. So please: try to find out (by searching) if your question has already been asked.

Me, I’m a very old user, and I like to answer to new users, or “stupid” questions
It’s my way to become a Zen Master!!
But I’ll never do a 300 line answer…fewww, you’re already a Zen Master!? :slight_smile:
So, be my guests…

sorry for this silly question, but after reading the tutorials you guys give me im very appreciate that…thank you very much