Blender Game Engine

I have a .BLEND file in MegaUpload [blender 2.58] which i have made as a flight simulator (kinda) but whenever I activate the game engine, the screen goes completely gray and i cannot see anything. I also cannot script, so if you manage to fix it, could you write me a script that detects rotation and turns after a certain number of degrees? Thank you!


Where’s your camera? If the view isn’t pointing at anything, that might do it. If you have the camera all placed nicely, you have to enter camera view before pressing P. If that’s not the problem, then I have no idea. Sorry!

For your aircraft apply the modifiers then remove doubles (W / remove doubles) and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N).
Your view is wrong because your camera is pointing to the plane with a constraint. Constraints won’t work in the game engine so it is not actually pointing at the plane but into blank space.

Thank you so much. It would have worked, but that isn’t my problem
when i start the game engine, i see what i want to see, but the camera view doesn’t follow my object

Try using a Track To actuator, or vertex parent the camera to the object (you can just use a normal parenting procedure (Ctrl+P), and then select Vertex Parent in the Object panel (the cube)).