(Zego) #1

Xbill, the origional, can be found at

I was planning of making a first person shooter version of Xbill, which for now I am calling BBill. The basic design is you are a character like Tux, The BSD Demon, or Dukey (Java). Each character has a hand-to-hand weapon and a range. Your mission: to stop Gates from installing windows, on the computers by killing him. I will be posting further game design on a website soon, but I want to get the public’s opinion before I use up a ton of my time.


(valarking) #2

oh yea, i play that game on linux quite a bit. }:slight_smile:

(blengine) #3

yeah definitely make that game! it sounds really cool…make sure u emphasize the fact that gates is going to hell…becuase he is… hes turned his back on the fact that he could end hunger for millions of people, selfish bastard, f*ckin kill him!
make sure well be able to kill him in torturous deserving ways =)
“i cant wait to kill gates!” <—nice rhyme…i say it in my sleep…