Blender Game Kit problems...

I just got the BGK2 today and started on Pumpkin run, but I ran into a problem every time I exit the game Blender crashes! Windows brings up on of the darn “Blender has encountered a problem and needs to close. send error report?” things. here are the specs: 2.48a, 1GB, intel celeron @ 2GHz, intel 82945G Express Chipset Family, WindowsXP Home.

first one: ModName: ntdll.dll
second one: ModName: blender.exe

If you want the windows crash report would you mind telling me how to get it?

Any one?


Can anyone give me even a little help?

86 views and no response come on guys nothing?

tested in 2.49 RC with the deprecation warnings turned off? there were a lot of bugs fixed since 2.48a

I"ll try RC3 how do I turn the deprecation warnings off?

Tried RC3 and when starting the “Tubecleaner.blend” in the games dir on the CD it sometimes crashes with this as modname: iglicd32.dll. Odd very odd. Also in the CMD that opens with Blender there is warnings about “state” as a property but that’s probably because this was made before states, or state is the new “state” in 2.49. So the first file is fixed as far as I can tell but Windows still hates me.(dang Intel drivers in Ubuntu) Anyone any good at analyzing crash reports from Windos?(I left the “w” out on purpose)

EDIT 2: closing Blender RC3 gives this as modname: ntdll.dll after a few tests of the game.(Pumpkin run)