Blender Game Kit

Anyone know when the game kit will go on sale.

Yes I know I’m very impatient (a given considering I’m ADH).

I have been wondering this also.

I have checked the e-shop every day. The only change is that the Blender 1.8 manual is no longer listed - it must have sold out along with the Blender Tutor Guide #02.

I would like to know how much (approximately) the cost of it will be, so that I know how much money I can spend on Christmas presents for the family. :wink:

uh huh! I wanna know too, I’ve been saving all my pennies
(my kids and husband take all the real stuff).

Can we have a little info soon? :wink:

I am sure it will be a fantastic kit! … as anything else published by Ton & NAN. :smiley:

what is this “game kit” u speak of?!

argh, i havent been keeping up to date with this stuff

nore me :frowning: which forem is used for posts now theres so many

looks like theres a bunch of info at =)

That’s where I saw it, but it was just a small note attatched to the CVS report. I’m waiting for more info.

please more info!

Here we are guys ,

the Blender Game kit is OUT!!!

UAUUUUUUUUUU! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Woo Hoo!!!

I was pleasently surprised by the price $US 29 if you order up to or prior to Dec. 19, 2002. ($US 34 after Dec. 20, 2002).

The shipping costs seem relatively high though ($US 12.55) - that’s almost 50% the cost of the order…

Also, from the .pdf files shown, there seems to be quite a bit of “newbie” information. I kind of abhor having to pay more than once for the same information - though I’m sure there will be more than enough advanced material given the price. Finally, with a shipping date of December 20, somehow I get the feeling that it won’t arrive in time for Christmas.

Though on the positive side, it seems they took extra care to ensure that the book has a good binding so there should be no worry of pages falling out, includes a CD with some nice looking games, and for the relatively low price, I’m sure it’s more than worth it.

So thanks to Ton and all the NaN crew for the Game Development Kit. I’m really looking forward to receiving it soon :slight_smile:

Yeah! I’ll have enough pennies as soon as I get paid Friday. I’ll be ordering as soon as I get home from work.

Yes happy,

…and I also hope to find finally there a serious tutorial about the use of the TexMesh button and in particular about how "you can achieve morphing like effects, by distorting the active Mesh, this way. For example, a straight stream of water (as an animated texture) can be placed in a winding river… ".

In fact nowere in any of the blender pubblications up to now there is any example about HOW exactly to achive that :frowning:

Or maybe anybody of you can illuminate me about that?

nice to finally have some decent docs for the game side, even though I am not into it, but if I would, I could just go buy this…

But , I would rather see a new better and more advanced Manual/Guide forwarding Linear side, like Advanced Animation for Characters and advanced and basic concept when working on animation, what to think about and such things, when using Blender…and lighting/rendering as well :wink:

maybe to much to ask for ? :-?

Yes, I completely agree with Ztonzy…

An axtremely & outstanding advanced tutorial book after wich no more questions about Blender use should be allowed for the already exisitng Blender versions (and for owners of all Nan Pubblications).

No, this is not too much to ask Ztonzy! :-? :wink:

i cant afford this…
plus i think its just a way for NaN to get some quick cash, it probably is very similar to that game blender doc thing theyre selling (imo they should keep that for beginners, and publish another doc. with seriously advanced documentation, as of now, both publications are suited for beginners). I also think they should develop the engine a bit more before they publish anything on it.

Most game-blenders would much prefer to just play around with the demo files that come with the book… Id pay to download those alright!

Fair play to carsten for writing the book, but I dont think its worth $30 at all.

Fair play to carsten for writing the book, but I dont think its worth $30 at all.

how can you possibly know if it’s worth it if you didn’t even bought it in the first place?

Did you download the Table of content to have a look at what’s in the book?

About the NAN making some quick cash comment, I find that it is totally inapropriate since this is produced and sold by and for the Blender Fundation.


Mine is ordered and I am waiting as patiently as possible.

(I think my postman is holding it hostage)

theeth, i did look through the ToC, and i retierate, it has a lot of beginner info, which has already been published in the Game Blender Doc. It seems to merely be an extension of it.

The only attractive feature of this product for me are the demo files, of which MOST were produced ages ago…