Blender game logic bricks improvement proposal

What if you had to name sensors and controllers and actuators a particular name in order to use them.And then that name would become a thumbnail that would hide those logic bricks after a certain amount of time when they are not used.And then you would have to click on that particular thumbnail name in order to use them again.Then you could name sensors and controllers and actuators one of the names of your thumbnails or make a new one.So that you can add to that particular group of logic bricks.Logic bricks could be under more than one name too.
I believe it would make a neater game engine.Blueprintrandom or anyone what do you think?

the high ups want to go with node graph style drawing, which you can already group and collapse, If it works the same, It wont scare me,

I iust worry about fixing what is not broken,

the render performance and android support are most important,

the logic brick color coding and hide by color, could be done with node graph grouping,

Why not keep them logic bricks how they are.Then just add what i said.And another thing no wires would show while the logic bricks are hidden by the thumnail even if they are a part of many named thumbnails.That way the bge would stay the bge.

Node based logic bricks are much better and stronger. Take the UE4 as example. I am 100% voting about node based logic instead of current logic bricks.

Grouping bricks was suggested ages ago.

What we have right now is are states that can help to group bricks. I do not think it is the intention for they serve for that purpose pretty well.

I do not like auto-closing objects, because the application can’t know what I want to do. There are plenty of options above the rows that allow customizing the view. I do not use them very often.

It is not so different than clicking on a menue.Just slightly different.States allow for you to activate groups of logic bricks and hide.My ideajust hides the logic bricks unitil they are needed behind a thumnail.

i would love to see drag and drop like with the nodes so you can put the bricks together that work together. should be easily done, give the bricks an x and y coordinate, when the right mousebutton is pressed, you can drag the brick to its new position. but as stated before, this doesn’t have priority.

I actually like the brick-based system. The node-based systems like in UE4 and CryEngine can get really unorganized and hard to read, whereas in blender you have clear sensors, controllers, and actuators. The only thing I’d want to improve in blender is being able to drag bricks up and down the stack.

Why bit have the best of the two world , or something like that… Proposal: make a different type of grouping… Aka FOLDERS!What I have noticed is that the logic you need to have running can get cluttered one one object. What if we created a brick like a folder… We’re you could drag the sensors/comparitors/actuators in to clean up… In sense the folder is just a GUI item that doesn’t affect the actual logic bricks. Ex. In the logic editor there is a button called folder. It rests some were.(idk were to put it) you click it and a container opens. You drag what you want in it and then you can hid it or move it were ever you need to… Just my two cents…and maybe a couple of dollars too :wink:

You need to be able to name the folder a unique name.It is somewhat similar to what i have in mind.