Blender Game Logic Nodes (UPBGE-Compatible)

How to tell a projectile colliding with another object, to send it’s parameter “damage” value to some parameter of the other object paramter ? Or could it be possible to call other object functions with a value ?
Can logic nodes communicate between them with parameters ?


I guess this should do it, I’d apply this to the player and have that Collision Sensor ask for objects with the property “damage” assigned to it

NOTE: The damage value must be negative with this setup, otherwise you’d need to invert it before adding it to the property

EDIT: Updated the thingy to react to whatever object that has a property named “damage”


I found it! :flushed:

:upside_down_face:OOOooooo… look at all this stuff!

Thanks! I’m gonna go play with a cube!

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Are Set and Get object parmeters properties bugs fixed ?
Without those it’s not possible to make a game, because objects could not have variables :laughing:

They were not really broken :thinking:
I’m working with them every day, and I don’t have any issues with them

Check it out and if you have issues, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

That bug we discussed in the logic nodes bugs and request thread :slight_smile:

( I would not use int compare each time i need to test if it’s true or false , bool is faster to use for all gameplay related things and gameplay states )

Ah yep that one I’m on, but the node is usable nonetheless, you just need to check the bool socket on the set property node and then re-uncheck it for the false flag to be intialized, I think that has to do with property handling

Hi @Iza_Zed
I want to try your node editor. I download source from:

But I can’t install the add-on (as source)

Can you please help? Thanks

this is possible my fault. I am going to check

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the upbge eevee build i have comes with it bundled

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Really, I am using its own source folder.

That error is because I’m loading in custom icons, normally that should work, I do it the same way that the grove addon does it, which is officially supported :thinking:

But as @Daedalus_MDW said, the current UPBGE_EEVEE build should have it bundled
Maybe try a build from yesterday or so?

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When I first install UpBge and open FPS_Template.blend. It open the adds-on installation dialog. But I can’t install it. If I exit the dialog, this is what FPS_Template.blend looks like. (You probably know what a broken node adds-on it would look like, :), here is the picture anyway).

I’ll try install new UpBge 0.3 alpha when you are ready.

Hmmm, it seems I can’t reproduce this, but try the following:

  • Open your UPBGE folder, go to 2.83 -> scripts -> addons
  • Remove the bge_netlogic folder there
  • Download the latest Nodelogic Release from github, but on the releases page there (should be 0.8.8)
  • Install and activate that

I tried with UPBGE from April 7th and from April 11th, both work for me :man_shrugging: lemme know if this works, otherwise just completely uninstall the Addon, then delete UPBGE, re-download the whole thing and try to activate the bundled version

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I think it is related to this:

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i replaced bge_netlogic with Uchronian-Logic-UPBGE-Logic-Nodes-0.8.8-beta, same problem

Alright, I can remove the icons for now

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Here, try this download again, it’s updated:

It should now load in regular buttons if it can’t set the icons, hope it works :man_shrugging:

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I tried the “source code (zip)” directly, it gives me the same error.
Then I extracted “” as sources and copy to
and it worked!

Now I can open FPS_Template.blend, the nodes are there.
But when I play the game, I can’t move or shoot. Here is the message in the System console:

Blender Game Engine Started
Error: FPSbasic_NL_PY(Player), Python module can’t be imported
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘bgelogic’
Blender Game Engine Finished
Debug: 719, 945
rcti: : xmin 889, xmax 1607, ymin 20, ymax 964 (718x944)
found bundled python: C:\My\MyBlender\UpBge\UpBge\2.83\python
Warning: mesh “Cube.004” has no vertices for material “MA”. It introduces performance decrease for empty render.

Blender Game Engine Started
Error: FPSbasic_NL_PY(Player), Python module can’t be imported
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘bgelogic’
Blender Game Engine Finished

the script has a typo it should be import bge or from bge import logic or bge.logic

is a material error cube.004 has a material that is not assigned to a vertex/face/poly/etc. remove the material or use it to get rid of it.

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