Blender Game Logic Nodes (UPBGE-Compatible)

Yeah, he needs to actually program :slight_smile:
Sorry for the dig, but I feel like it needs to be said :neutral_face:

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the only thing you can program :wink:

own['fps'] = 60

@Daedalus_MDW ; just a suggestion

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Haha. Now I really know your not on Blender Discord (O_O)

If your not up on the latest events, that’s not my problem.

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blender’s community >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> other software’s community

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Uh, thanks?

Update: A new Object selection is now available:


I haven’t gotten around to testing this with all nodes, so if there’s any problem, feel free to report it :+1:
I also added Light Nodes, but as far as I can tell, UPBGE doesn’t update light data while in game yet, so as of now, they don’t do squat :thinking:


is this in 2.8?

@BluePrintRandom Yes.

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Alrighty, making some progress!
Game Properties are now available from within the Node Editor! :call_me_hand:


Currently working on a stable setup, so new versions shouldn’t break old logic setups after 0.3.5 :thinking:


WTF u talkin about are we already at UPBGE 0.3.5 :scream:


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thats the version of this addon

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Thanks for the updates, i’ts working great.

Ohhh i see


New Update! :smiley:

  • Added Controller Support and reworked the way Vectors are used.
  • Game Object Properties now show up on the properties panel under “Item” in the Node Editor as well as the 3D View.
  • Added and improved a bit of the math

Still going for a solid State, currently reworking the way Sound is played via Nodes :+1:

Whoopsi - just noticed that I missed the triggers (R2 / L2) on controllers, they’ll be coming though

EDIT: Triggers done :call_me_hand:


every time i start the game in the embedded player, this property: image
decides to delete itself and it causes the nodes to stop working, and i have to uncheck and recheck the “use at startup” tick box for the node tree, could you probably help me with or fix this?

this is the issue mentioned in the original post
the UPBGE performs an “Undo” when exiting the engine which causes this to happen. same goes for baking indirect lighting -> also gets reverted
Workaround is to just perform ANY action after applying the tree (like moving or adding something) so the undo doesn’t affect the logic tree setup :+1:

It’s sort of wacky but currently it’s not priority to tackle this issue

if i install this particular addon will it conflict with my normal BGE nodes!


Was that a question?
I tried with the latest git status (which would effectively be 0.3.5) and all worked well

If there is a problem, feel free to leave an issue over at GitHub, the more details the better :+1:

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Is there documentation I can use to learn this node system? I can’t find much info. I’m currently trying to make a cube jump like mario, responding a little to button press duration but limited to when the character is off the ground.

Any help or documentation you can recommend?

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I’m currently building the docs, just might be a while until I get it done since there never was any, I’ll try to get whatever I have online soon. :+1:

For your case what you would do is simply add two nodes:

  1. Condition Node (I guess you want Keyboard > Key Pressed)
  2. Add an Apply Force Node (Transformation > Apply Force)

Then connect them and enter a force value, in this example it would be 500 for the Z value or something :thinking:

Oh, I forgot: you need to apply the tree to an object by clicking “apply to selected” in properties > item on the right panel