Blender Game Logic Nodes (UPBGE-Compatible)

@Iza_Zed have you had a chance to document prefabs yet? I want to control a door with nodes, but I’m not sure how to eloquently handle multiple doors. What’s the best practice for this?

Please forgive me, as I’m new to game creation. I’m trying to recreate wolfenstein 3D using your nodes exclusively. I want to create a creepy-paster horror version… Just for the fun of it, and to learn. I’m really looking forward to your sound node so I can stop using the logic editor to make door sounds :smiley:

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Yeah, documentation should be ready sometime next week :slight_smile:

For multiple object using the same tree, use generic object getters like “Owner Object” and “Get Parent” or “Get Child By Name” Nodes, they work independently from the scene :+1:
The dropdown list selector uses objects from the scene and gets them by name, so having duplicates in a game will break the tree :man_shrugging: these are good for special entities like the player
Lemme know how that project of yours is coming along :slight_smile:

As for the Sound Nodes - I’ve been somewhat tiptoeing around that one, but I think I might have figured it out, so I’ll give it a go next week as well :smiley:


Iza, that sounds great, I’ll try that! Btw, do you have a way we can financially support development?

Like a paypal or patreon?

Don’t worry, I’ll keep toying around with the Add-On regardless :+1:
But since I’ve been asked before - here you go:

Just note that I am NOT an UPBGE developer, I’m working on this somewhat separately :slight_smile:

Addendum: I do have more ideas for Add-Ons that would simplify the game-making process, I’ll start on those once this system is in a stable and usable state :slightly_smiling_face: They will be released for free as well

Templates are in the making, too



Templates and groups are a must for functions emulating old logic brick combos (using meaningful titles). Armory users have whole threads showing how to use 10+ nodes to achieve what a couple of bge bricks did.

Well done!

I’m on macOS and I can’t use and test it out the EEVEE edition does not exist yet… :sleepy: :sob:

i wouldnt hold out for any mac version, i thought i heard a rumor that the blender foundation may cut mac support.

Maybe I should get a new pc just in case

In the next weeks I will have access to Mac computer to get a Mac build


This would be amazing thanks a lot lordloki_reloaded I did also my research about what Daedalus_MDW said and I found that Apple leaving the openGL and transitioning to Metal 2 what about all this stuff?
How this can be a problem for Mac users using UPBGE ?

Just a quick update:

I’ve been on the road a lot the last days, building templates and docs whenever I have the time :slight_smile: just a little slow right now
I may have found a way to implement node grouping and I found the issue with Rerouting, so there’s things to look forward to :+1: